Application Container Manager using Docker Remote API

Do you using application containers such as Docker? Our DockMan can support your daily operations relating application containers. It is designed for

  • who is hosting many application containers on several host machines. In particular, it is best fit to the docker-machine users.
  • who wants to manage them on the go. You can start, stop and restart containers anywhere!
  • who doesn't want to upload private keys through the public channel.

DockMan uses Docker Remote API to manage containers and tested on API version 1.20 and higher. It uses SSL/TLS connection for security, so you have to upload 3 PEM files (ca.pem, cert.pem, key.pem) per host machine for making secure connection to the server via SSL client auth. If you have many host machines, this task can be very painful. So DockMan provides 2 ways to upload many files at once.

Option 1. Uploading PEM files via WebDAV. DockMan provides WebDAV interface so that you can connect to upload PEM files by using WebDAV client such as It's very easy.

Option 2. Uploading PEM files via the iTunes File Sharing (for iOS) or Android File Transfer (for Android). It is the easiest way.

Once you have uploaded PEM files, DockMan can list up application containers existing on the host machines. And then you can check its status or start, stop and restart them by your finger!

DockMan is on sale FREE for basic usage at iTunes Store and Google Play Store. It has a paid content for unlocking all limitations at low price.

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