Will appear at 2029-03-26 00:00:00 UTC

Shopping Pink

A lovely pinky, simple and quick Shoppinkg List

Lovable design: Shopping Pink will make your shopping time more fun and exciting with happy pinky design. 
There are 4 types of background wallpaper: hard glitter, floral lace, romantic heart, and simple Shopping Pink
logo.  All design themes bring you playful essence to the daily chores with a pleasant feeling.  You can change
the background wallpaper to suits your mood with one tap.

Simple and quick: Shopping Pink helps you keep your shopping list up-to-date with simple action: just one
text field to fill to add an item, no tedious options like size or quantity.  Or just one tap to add an item from
your shopping History.


  • Lovable design: rounded-frame with cute pinky buttons.
  • Available 4 types of pinky background wallpaper.
  • One tap to switch to another background wallpaper.
  • One text field to add an Item to the list.
  • One tap in your shopping history to add an Item to the list.